Video Content Strategy: Hero, Hub and Help Content

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  • Hero, Hub and Help Content – The BEST Strategy to Convert Viewers into Paying Customers

  • The Number One Mistake to Avoid When Creating Hero, Hub and Help content

  • Top 3 Tips for Marketers on a Budget

Hero, Hub and Help Content: The Strategy Explained

When it comes to using video as a marketing tool, your brand needs to think strategically. Gone are the days where you could create a viral video and stand idly by waiting for the sales to come in. These days, you need to put an effective strategy in place th grabs the attention of your potential customers and subtly takes them to a journey to the point of sale.

The best strategy to convert viewers into paying customers is to structure your digital video channel around Hero, Hub and Help content. Hero, Hub and Help are three specific categories of content that, when executed properly, will guide your viewers through the four stages of the purchase journey – Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action. Below you’re going to learn the strategic role each category of content plays in converting your viewers into customers.

Hero Content:

Hero videos are bright, shiny films that serve one purpose; they generate awareness  about your brand, product or service. They are intended to reach a mass audience and connect them to your brand. These videos often deliver your company’s core values and brand spirit to the audience in a unique and attention catching manner.

You can make your Hero Content humorous like Dollar Shave Club’s “Our Blades are F***ing Great , inspiring such as Nike’s JUST DO IT 25th Anniversary Commercial or even take a note from Thailand’s Insurance industry and create a tear jerking mini-feature about Father’s Day. There’s really no right or wrong way to do it, as long as it stays true to your brand and has mass public appeal.

Only a small segment of this mass audience is going to identify with, remember, or be interested in your product or service. Great Hero content will capture the interest of that smaller engaged segment and inspire them to dig deeper into your video channel to learn more.

Hero Content in Action!

A stellar example of Hero Content in action. A touching story about the relationship between a son and his father. The ad engages viewers on an emotional level and connects viewers to the company’s brand.

Hub Content:

Hub content is the regularly scheduled video content you create to give your audience a fresh perspective on your product or service.

Hub Content uses narratives and storytelling to sell the attractive benefits of your product or service. It keeps the viewer engage  Great Hub Content inspires people to ask themselves, “How will this product benefit my lifestyle?“, “What kind of joy will this service bring me?“, and ultimately “What does this product or service say about me as a person?” – Its meant to trigger the viewer’s primal instinct to spend some time researching the specifics about your product or

Visit GoPro’s Youtube channel as inspiration for your own Hub content. GoPro has hundreds of user-generated videos that showcase the diversity of their camera gear. From hanging out with lions in Africa to capturing the epic surf waves of the California Coast – each piece of GoPro’s Hub Content demonstrates the versatility of the GoPro camera, and helps the viewer fantasize about the lifestyle attached to owning one.

Remember … great Hub Content creates desire, and inspires action – it doesn’t ask for a credit card number or get too specific.

Hub Content in Action!

AirBnB’s ‘Host Stories’ are a great example of Hub Content done well. AirBnB clearly defines the user experience and lifestyle associated with “AirBnB’ers” through storytelling and emotion.

Tip: Monitor the comment section in your Hub Content; These are people who are most likely to become a paying customer, and will provide insight on why (or why not) they want to interact with your brand.

Help Content:

Help Content provides your viewers with the ‘always-on’ content that they will search for when looking up your brand or industry. These can be how-to videos, product feature videos or online reviews. At this stage, viewers are likely to make a purchase, so alongside educating them, you want to provide the ‘next steps’ for them to complete the transaction.

Help content also plays a role in reducing the perceived risk associated in purchasing your product or service. Just like an FAQ on your website, Help content should eliminate any fears or objections to making the purchase, and make your viewer feel confident in their decision.

Help Content in Action!

Help Content doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to produce. Check out GoPro’s “Introducing the Jam” product video. It’s a nifty low-budget piece that shows the Jam Arm in action and tells the viewer how to use it.

The Number One Mistake to Avoid?

The number one mistake you can make is to dedicate too much campaign budget to creating stellar Hero content.

Remember, Hero content only covers a small portion of the consumer purchase journey … awareness. Without Hub or Help Content, you’ll have a ton of inspired potential customers who don’t know what your product or service is, or how the heck to buy it.

To avoid this mistake, always ensure you commit enough resources to creating Hub and Help content for your campaigns. If you’re part of a large organization and want to make your marketing dollars stretch, let your AOR produce the hero content, but have a smaller dedicated team of filmmakers support your Hub and Help content production efforts. You’ll get far better value for your money and much more content for your digital channels.

If you are a smaller organization and working on a tight budget – focus solely on building Hub and Help content. They’re the most necessary elements of your video channel, and you’ll be set up  for success when you are ready to create that stellar Hero video.

Additional Resources:

Youtube’s Creator Playbook for Brands is a great resource to continue learning about video content strategy.

Tip: Even though help content is instructional in nature – keep it fresh, engaging and ensure it represents your brand!

Tips for Marketers on a Budget:

It is possible to create an effective video marketing campaign while working on efficient margins. Here are our top three tips for marketers on a budget.

  • Hero Content – Don’t overthink it. Hero content doesn’t have to be epic, large-scale or overly expensive to inspire, engage and connect with your audience.
  • Hub Content – Consider creating a series of videos at once. You’ll get much better value for your dollars spent when producing content that is serial in nature.
  • Help Content -Consider creating a template that could be leveraged to produce several different tutorial, help or product videos. Standardizing elements can keep your marketing costs low in this category.

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